Canter Canter came to life in May 2009 following a conversation with a friend who was also loved horses as a child. While reminiscing about the joys of cantering through summer fields, a joke about making a hobby horse for myself suddenly seemed like a fantastic idea. So I modeled my first hobby horse on my handsome old pony Goldie. He was a Dun, with his golden coat and black mane, all which I recreated with Hessian material (old sacking) and soft black wool. He began to take shape, his eyes were in place, the head shaped with stuffing and finally his ears were sewn on and I fell in love with my new Goldie, all over again. Mr Goldcrest was ready for the show and at least this time round, I didn't have to muck out his stable.

Each horse I create takes on its own character, some are feisty or shy, some are cheeky or bashful. I'm certain there is a horse here that is perfect for you. They will take you across green pastures on a summer's day or up and down your hallway on a cold winter's eve. They are not just for children, but for anyone with a big imagination and a canter in their step. I can customise a horse to suit your character, email me with a brief and I'll see what I can do. I have a variety of fabrics in various textures, colours and prints with wools to match. You may even have some suitable fabric already.

I look forward to hearing from you and making your cantering dreams come true.


You can contact me at liadain[at]cantercanter(dot)com
or by phone +353(0)876125480

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